Portrait of Queen Mary I by an unknown artist (oil on panel; 57.2 x 43.5cm). Royal Collection; Windsor Castle.

This summer I completed an MA in early modern history, focusing my dissertation on Queen Mary I. Since childhood I have been fascinated in sixteenth-century English history, namely political and religious, though initially my interest was centred on the reign of Henry VIII. As an undergraduate (studying for a BA in History) I focused more on the life and reign of Mary, one of the most notorious monarchs in English history, and applied for an MA with the purpose of examining this subject further.

Fifty years ago, there was a limited amount of work on Mary (who was once described, by a leading academic, as a figure whose life ‘does not set the pulse racing’!). Now, there is an impressive array of biographies, several important studies into facets of her reign, including the Marian Church, and the prospect of more examinations which will hopefully open up discussions about her. There is still scope for new research and undoubtedly postgraduate students will respond to the glaring omissions. I plan to apply for a PhD with the intent of expanding my MA research further.

Throughout my research, I consulted a number of primary and secondary materials. I was fortunate to study in London, close to the British Library which holds invaluable manuscripts, along with secondary works which many university libraries fail to obtain. Like many students, I found the bibliographies complied by other historians in their respective studies to be useful for my own research as it drew my attention to articles/books which I had previously failed to notice. I would always scribble down the names of such works in a rather careless way, failing to categorise the works according to themes. Now, I have decided to compile these studies into one organised bibliography. Hopefully this will prove useful to fellow students/Tudor enthusiasts!

If you have any questions about this site, feel free to send me an email at: little_miss_sunnydale@hotmail.com. I’m also happy to answer any questions regarding Mary, or Tudor political/religious history in general.

4 Responses to About

  1. Thanks for this great site, and I hope you will have time and energy to invest in the development of this site for the benefit of those interested in Tudor and Mary studies.

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you!
    I will be uploading more information today, and will try to post on a daily basis.

  3. Daily is too much, but once in a while when you can is enough.

  4. Lindsay Alistair-Black says:

    A great site. After years of being lambasted as ‘Bloody Mary’ (the first recorded use of that phrase wasn’t until 1682 – over 130 years after her death!) it is good to see that there are academics, historians, and authors who now review and portray Mary’s life and reign far more intelligently and sympathetically.

    Perhaps it is time for a Mary Tudor Society (or Mary Tudor Association) ? Supposed ‘villains’ with a bit of a dodgy past like Richard III (The Richard III Society) and Oliver Cromwell (The Oliver Cromwell Association) have their own ‘fan clubs’ and they are both very highly respected and active organisations.

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